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At Newington our diversity is our strength. The Newington College Endowment Fund aims to have in place by 2040, the means to provide 100 boys of potential, with proven financial need, the chance to experience a Newington education.

This is Newington’s social justice policy in action, and an active pursuit of Newington’s founding value of diversity. To achieve this goal, we need your support.

The College currently has a modest Scholarship Fund and a number of individual means tested Scholarships. These have been supported over many years by generous Old Boys, parents and other members of the Newington Community through tax deductible donations or as a gift from a Will through our Founders Society, the College’s Bequest program.

All of these means tested Scholarships are now part of the Endowment Fund. Existing and new Scholarships will maintain their identity and respect the wishes of the benefactor with the Endowment Fund being the aggregation of all funds managed.

Tumoana Poata (ON 2019) inaugural F. Stretton Jeffs (ON 1933) Scholarship (means tested) recipient, reflects on the impact the Endowment Fund has had on his life over the past two years.

“The [Scholarship] is about giving, it gives talented and deserving students a chance to attend Newington who couldn’t before… more importantly it gives those students hope and gives them encouragement and gives them all the right conditions to turn into a man of substance….”

Tumoana Poata (ON 2019)

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