The Newington Foundation

Established in 1974, the Newington Foundation works to foster a culture of giving within our school community. The Foundation is the major fundraising arm of the College providing financial assistance in support of our academic and means-tested scholarships and capital development objectives, as well as strategic initiatives.

The generosity of our community enables the Foundation to provide ongoing financial support and resources to the College for the benefit of generations of Newington boys.

"The scholarship is about giving, it gives talented and deserving students a chance to attend Newington who couldn’t before… more importantly it gives those students hope, encouragement, and all the right conditions to turn into a man of substance...."

Tumoana Poata (ON 2019),
inaugural recipient of the
F. Stretton Jeffs (ON 1933) Scholarship


Who are the directors of the Newington Foundation?

The Newington Foundation Board provides governance oversight for the Foundation and leads community development of a culture of giving. The Foundation Board co-ordinates and oversees the activities of the Foundation and manages the various fundraising and investment initiatives.

The Board is comprised of current and past parents, members of staff and Old Boys. Currently, the members of the Newington Foundation Board of Directors are:

  • Philip Moffitt (ON 1982) – Chairman
  • Anika Bradley
  • Christopher Collins (ON 1984) – also a member of College Council
  • Mario Isaias (ON 1978) – also a member of College Council
  • Hon. Angus Talbot (ON 1953)

Ex-officio officers:

  • Michael Parker, Headmaster
  • Ross Xenos (ON 2004), Chief Operating Officer

Is the Newington Foundation a registered charity?

Yes. The Newington Foundation Limited is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Information about the Foundation's listing at the ACNC is located here.

Are gifts to the Newington Foundation tax-deductible?

Yes. The Newington Foundation administers the Newington College Scholarship Fund and the Newington College Building Fund. Both of these funds are tax deductible. Please visit here for more details.

This website also accepts gifts to the Newington College Public Library Fund. This fund is also a tax deductible fund, with details located here.

How does the Newington Foundation manage its investments?

Prudential management of all funds under trust is the highest priority for the Foundation. Governance is provided by an Investment Sub-committee and after a rigorous tender process, an external fund manager was appointed.

The Foundation has a strict investment policy that focuses on prudent and appropriate investments that meet both Newington's ethical guidelines and investment criteria and controls. All investments are made with the underlying philosophy of strong governance structure, our Christian values, and strong reputation.