Aquatics and Rugby change rooms

With your support, Newington students will have a specialised matchday and mid-week facility which provides amenity for their sports in the pool and on the Johnson Oval.

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As part of the continued evolution of sport at Newington College, this enhanced facility and amenities will see our students of right now, and generations to come, benefit from:

  • Two new team change rooms for year-round usage
  • Match preparation and warm up spaces with bespoke technology
  • Exceptional, brand–new amenities and personal lockers
  • Direct pool access for matches, training, and recovery
  • Immersion with historic imagery and honour boards of Old Newingtonians

The Aquatics and Rugby change rooms (ARC) will provide all students with a new learning and sports environment, with an emphasis on swimming, water polo and rugby. Students will have exceptional facilities to help their development, enjoyment, and to discover what's possible.

We invite you to show your support for our sporting programs.

There are two ways to invest in these programs through your tax-deductible gift to the Newington Foundation;

  1. by naming a locker or
  2. by 'buying a brick' of support

All donors will be acknowledged with your name listed on the ARC supporters honour board. Locker donors will also have a plaque added to a designated locker in the change room.

In recent years, seats in the Drama Centre and the Old Boys' Lecture Theatre have been donated and named by:

  • Old Newingtonians to honour past or present staff
  • Parents and family members to recognise the achievements of their children
  • Individuals recording their thanks for the opportunities afforded to them by their Newington education or for the opportunity to work here
  • Others who have recognised Old Newingtonians, who made the ultimate sacrifice during war

There may also be opportunities for the naming of the ARC facility, and the three separate spaces within it, in accordance with the College's donor recognition policies.

We thank the Newington College Rugby and Water Polo Associations for their generous support of this exciting initiative.

You may pledge gifts to this appeal over three years.

For example:

  • A gift in support of a named locker in one of the two Locker Rooms may be made by three annual instalments of $2,000 (or 36 monthly instalments of $166.67)
  • A gift for the Bricks in Support may be made by three annual instalments of $200 (or 36 monthly instalments of $16.67)

Should you wish to pledge your gift over three years, please selected either the yearly or monthly options below. Your first instalment will be processed today and subsequent instalments on the anniversary of your first gift.

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A locker in one of the two Locker Rooms will be named according to your wishes, acknowledged by a plaque on one of the 32 lockers and your name listed on the Honour Board.
We value all gifts to this appeal. Fifty (50) Bricks in Support will be acknowledged according to each donor's wishes and be located on an Honour Board in the change room precinct.
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