The 1863 Circle

By joining The 1863 Circle, you can transform the life of a student with promise and proven financial need. You will continue the work and vision of the generations before us to build a strong and engaged Newington family.

Your investment in education

Diversity in action

The 1863 Circle is a unique initiative that embraces the strengths and possibilities of many people working together to help support the vital work of the Newington Foundation.

Our College was founded in 1863, and hence, The 1863 Circle, is an acknowledgement of the foresight and vision of our founders in building a diverse and inclusive community. Like the rings of a tree that signify its growth and its sustainable contribution to our society, so does your involvement contribute to the life and growth of each student who is supported by The 1863 Circle.

You are warmly invited to join The 1863 Circle with an annual contribution starting from $1,863 per annum with a minimum commitment of three years.

We have endeavoured to find the right balance in requesting a tax-deductible donation that will have a significant impact on the lives of those in our community most in need, while at the same time, being in reach for many of our families.

Your impact

Your gift will achieve:

By pooling with others, your gift will provide direct financial support through a means-tested scholarship that will cover the tuition fees for a student to commence Year 7 at Newington College in the year following your first gift.
In subsequent years, your gift will provide ongoing funding to cover the education of this student as they progress through the senior school.
Each group of 30 people will enable us to support one student. As more supporters join The 1863 Circle, the more students who will receive means-tested scholarships and enhance the diversity of our community.
Pledges greater than $1,863 and longer than three years will help to sustain the education for each means-tested scholar.

Your practical support will ensure that a Newington College education remains accessible to as many children as our resources allow, and in doing so supporting the continued diversity of our Newington family.

You will also have the opportunity to come together with other members of The 1863 Circle – alumni and parents from Lindfield, Wyvern, and Stanmore campuses – who have many shared interests, values and goals, and participate in interesting and meaningful events throughout each year.