A gift in your will: suggested wording

A will is a legal document therefore it is in your best interest to ensure that the wording is precise and does not include statements that can be misinterpreted.

It is important that the Newington Foundation is clearly identified in the wording of your will.

The Newington Foundation overseas and guides all fundraising activities, donations, legacies and bequests on behalf of Newington College.

We suggest you use the following:

“I leave to the Newington Foundation ABN 41 645 428 600, the whole of my estate [or… the residue of my estate / or % of my estate / or the sum of $…. / or description of property] free from all duties and deductions, to be applied for its general purposes in such a manner as the Newington Foundation may determine [or name a specific purpose or area such as means-tested or Indigenous scholarships, buildings, library, archives, etc.].

The receipt in writing of an authorised officer of the Newington Foundation shall be a sufficient discharge to my executor and/or trustee.”

Download a printable version of our suggested wording for your legal advisor.

The Newington Foundation is a registered charity with the Australian Charities Not-for-profit Commission.

The Newington Foundation and Newington College encourage you to seek independent legal advice.

A number of Old Newingtonians offer pro-bono legal advice and we would be pleased to direct you to an Old Boy who may be able to assist you with your will. The Law Council of Australia and the Law Society of New South Wales (or other relevant state body) may also help you to find a suitable solicitor. Advice can also be sought from the offices of the NSW Trustee and Guardian (and similar bodies in other jurisdictions) or commercial firms such as Perpetual or Equity Trustees.

We encourage you to discuss your wishes with us and any specific area you would like your gift directed.

For more information or a confidential discussion please contact:

Joseph Herschel
Development Manager
P: 02 9568 9378
E: development@newington.nsw.edu.au

Thank you for considering Newington in your will. Generations of Newington boys will benefit from your decision.