Our most significant named scholarship

Through the generosity of our Newington community, the 'Wild Scholarship' annually awards a fee-free, six-year Newington education to a deserving Indigenous boy.

Pictured: Harrison Marsh (ON 2021)

The Chris Wild (ON 1991) Indigenous Scholarship was established in 2012. Chris, the son of the late Rob (ON 1964) and Jenny Wild, was a teacher and his passion was Indigenous education.

Following Chris' tragic death in 2011, the Wild family, their friends, and a number of generous Newington Old Boys established the scholarship, named in his memory. The scholarship is one of the most significant managed by the Newington Foundation. From its corpus, the investment earnings cover the tuition fees for Indigenous scholars. The College works with local Indigenous communities surrounding La Perouse, Redfern and beyond to identify suitable boys who are aspiring leaders within their local community.

We were delighted that, in 2021, Harrison Marsh, one of our Wild scholars, matriculated with his Higher School Certificate – our first Indigenous scholar to achieve this benchmark.

As a community, we want to see more Wild scholars matriculate from Newington with the HSC or International Baccalaureate. We have not set a benchmark on the number of scholars at the expense of providing the best pastoral care for our Wild scholars.

Your gift now ensures that we can meet the evolving aspirations of our Wild scholars, now and in the years ahead. 

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