From generation to generation

Newington College has an outstanding history of providing students with an education that equips them the develop inspired minds, great hearts, and strong wings, built on firm foundations. Underpinning this history is a collective culture of philanthropic support that has enabled Newington College to grow from very humble beginnings.

At Newington, we work hard to prepare and encourage our students to contribute effectively to society. Education underpins the development of our economy, the advancement of our institutions and the strengthening of our culture.

We aim to provide our students with the attributes to excel in their future workplaces and to fulfil their potential: independence, creativity, leadership, intellectual curiosity, self-belief and resilience and an expansive world view. A Newington education is about more than academic excellence, it strives to instil a love of learning, to foster growth and development, and to celebrate and reinforce the diversity of our community.

Our facilities are an integral part of the Newington educational experience, and the diversity of the Newington community is surprising. Our present students and their families, our Old Newingtonians and their communities, our staff and colleagues, and our friends and supporters have all contributed to create a school with great longevity, relevance, and vitality.

As a community, we are committed to renewal, both for the current students and for those who come after them, many of whom will come from the current Newington community. A history of collective effort has maintained the strengths of the College. We are all ambitious for the evolution of our campus and facilities to meet the educational needs of current and emerging generations and to support the energy, diversity, and creativity of the student body. 

The Newington Foundation, established in 1974, is the fundraising arm of the College. The Foundation is responsible for engaging with the Newington community, primarily for the purpose of engendering and facilitating giving to support the College’s vision of excellence in education by increasing diversity through means-tested scholarships, capital development, and providing a financial base to guarantee the College’s ongoing independence.

By including a gift to Newington in your will, you can create a legacy that can have an everlasting impact on students' education for generations.

The Newington community has been very generous, and the Founders’ Society continues to expand with more and more people informing us they have generously included at gift to Newington in their will. This act of philanthropy is one we respect and take very seriously as it shows a willingness to invest in the future of the College and an affection and appreciation for what Newington strives for. We are strong and resilient, we are diverse and inclusive, we care deeply about issues and each other.

In 1880, a gift by John Jones, in his will, to the Wesleyan Church, enabled Newington College to be established in Stanmore. There were three teachers and seventy students, all boarders, and classes were delivered in what is today known as the Founders’ Building. It is on these foundations that the Founders’ Society has grown.

The Founders’ Society was established on 18 May 2010 to honour and recognise those members of our Newington community who have included a gift in their will to Newington. An image of Newington's founder, Reverend John Manton was chosen as the symbol for the Society.

A gift in your will provides much needed funds for Newington to develop infrastructure, provide scholarships for students of promise who would not otherwise have the opportunity of a Newington education, and to safeguard the future of the College.

Members of the Founders’ Society are invited to special events and activities at the College and can meet like-minded supporters of Newington and share interests in supporting the College’s vision.

We encourage you to ensure that your family and loved ones have been provided for in your will and, from the remaining funds available, you allocate a proportion to ensure that future students will gain access to a Newington education.

Should you wish to discuss how to include a gift to Newington in your will, we invite you to contact Joseph Herschel, Development Manager, on (02) 9568 9378 or here.

We ask that you let us know if you have included a gift to Newington in your will so that we can thank you and welcome you to the Founders’ Society.

Bursaries, or means-tested scholarships, can provide support for those who would otherwise be lost to circumstance and give them the best opportunity to flourish and discover what is possible – and to guide the way for others to follow.

I started at Newington in 2000 on a bursary. My mother is a single parent and I was an only child at the time. I was living in western Sydney and the schooling opportunities were very limited. Being granted a bursary to Newington was a stepping-stone in my career at such an early age. It opened the door for me to get to university and to get a good education. I continue to cherish the friends that I’ve made from that time. I genuinely believe that the opportunities that I had in university were because of the foundations that Newington College instilled in me.

I’m currently working at Greenhill, an American investment bank, working with a fellow Newington Old Boy, and I see this as an honourable career path for me.

I am very pleased and proud as a Newington Old Boy and as a bursary recipient, to see that through the financial support of our community, 100 boys each year, like me, will be given the opportunity of a Newington education. I have included a gift in my will to Newington so that others who would not otherwise be able to afford a Newington education, gain the opportunity to experience all that a Newington offers.

- Justin Bosilkovski, ON 2005, Senior Prefect