Diversity and inclusivity

Diversity is central to Newington College. We are not diverse because we exist in a highly multicultural area, but because we value diversity so highly, we will take active steps to preserve and celebrate it.

The Mulford Scholarship is a celebration of how our community actively practice inclusivity.

Newington’s immediate past Headmaster Dr David Mulford retired in 2018 after leading the College for ten of its most successful years.

As a driving force behind the renewal of the College, he has left magnificent legacies – physical, educational, and pastoral – that will serve Newington students for many generations.

It is the legacy of diversity for which David most wants to be remembered. It is therefore fitting that he has generously allowed his name to be applied to The Mulford Scholarship.

The Mulford Scholarship is sustained through the generosity of our Newington community.  You are warmly invited to contribute towards this scholarship now, or, should you wish to include a gift in your will, contact the Development Office.

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