Newington donor charter

Our commitment to you.

The Newington Foundation celebrates the important role of philanthropy at Newington.

Our future success increasingly depends on the generosity of Old Newingtonians, parents, friends and staff of Newington to help us achieve our goals. We are committed to outstanding levels of donor stewardship, built on mutual trust and respect, and ensuring that donors have fulfilling experiences
when supporting Newington and its students.

We will implement gifts as agreed with donors and seek to create meaningful opportunities to nurture each donor’s lifelong relationship with Newington, while providing accurate and timely information pertaining to the investment, application and the impact of their gifts.

Newington makes the following commitments to our donors:

To use gifts effectively and ethically in line with donor wishes
  • Newington is committed to ensuring that philanthropic gifts are managed in an efficient, effective, and ethical manner for their intended purposes.
  • Newington will ensure that all gifts are administered consistently with the letter and spirit of the law and are used in accordance with the donors’ intentions.
  • Should it become impractical or impossible to carry out the expressed purpose(s), or where Newington reasonably believes that the original expressed wishes are no longer a suitable and effective means of using the gift, Newington will communicate with the donor or the donor’s nominated representative.
  • Undesignated donations will be used to support the College’s priorities.

To further our goals in education
  • Newington reserves the right to decline gifts where acceptance would compromise our fundamental principles and values.

To acknowledge and recognise donors and celebrate philanthropy
  • All donors will receive an official receipt, and appropriate acknowledgement, recognition, and publicity, in accordance with their wishes.

To respect the privacy of donors
  • Newington will respect the privacy of donors. Donors’ details will be treated confidentially and will not be shared with any organisation outside Newington for their own purposes without express permission.
  • Requests for anonymity will be respected, honoured and confidentially enacted.
  • Donors’ names may be published in the annual honour roll.

To be transparent, informative, and professional
  • A donor can expect to be informed of Newington’s mission, the way Newington intends to use the gift and the identity of key personnel involved in managing the gift.
  • Individuals representing Newington will act in a professional manner and will inform prospective donors if they are volunteers, students, or Newington staff.
  • No program, agreement, trust, or contract will be pursued with potential donors at the expense of the donor’s best interests and motivations.
  • Newington and its staff will actively and positively provide relevant information on Newington, and the use of, and progress with, the gift.
  • Newington will provide financial information publicly in accordance with best practice standards of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission.
Donor Charter

Donor Charter