Increased support to students

13 Feb 2024

In 2023, thanks to your generosity, the Foundation awarded increased funding to the College for the benefit of students. Our scholarship program continues to grow, with more than $1M granted to the College to support the full-time equivalent of 28.2 students (some students are in receipt of partial scholarships, while other students are supported by both tuition and boarding scholarships).

In 2023, an additional First Nations student was supported by the Chris Wild (ON 1991) Indigenous Scholarship, and through The Mulford Scholarship and the Foundation’s means-tested scholarship initiatives, we continue to provide access to a Newington education for those who would otherwise be unable to attend our great school. Thank you for your personal gifts, when invited to contribute.

Pleasingly, in 2023, we re-invigorated our Robert Storr (ON 1938) Music Scholarship that was halted during the global pandemic. The generosity of this significant legacy, through a gift included in Mr Storr’s will, enables the education of two students, including their music tuition. The beneficiaries, Aidan, Year 11 from Malaysia, and Joshua, Year 12 from Indonesia, are talented and promising young virtuosos. We continue to strengthen our commitment to students of Tongan heritage, through scholarships in partnership with the Old Newingtonians’ Union and with the support of the Jean and Jim Millner (ON 1937) Scholarship so that six students from Tupou College are supported in Years 10, 11 and 12, as well as local students of Tongan heritage.

In December, the Foundation Board approved grants totalling $500,000 to the College for building works that commenced over the summer break, to be completed during this year. These grants will benefit students at each of our Wyvern and Lindfield prep school campuses, our Stanmore senior campus, the Robert Glasson Memorial Boatshed at Abbotsford, and our new and emerging campus at Eungai Creek on the Mid North Coast. Thank you for your support of our building program initiatives that help us to maintain and develop an innovative learning environment.