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Monday 8th August marks the 48th anniversary of the establishment of the Newington Foundation. To celebrate, we are holding a Giving Day and we invite you to join us in our appeal to Let's make it 8!

With your generosity, we aim to raise $308,888 to support eight means-tested scholarships at Newington College. Our means-tested scholarship program is built on the aspiration of giving boys of promise the opportunity to attend Newington, which they otherwise would not have.

Your gift will be matched by members of our community who share your belief and passion for means-tested scholarships.

Please donate today: Let’s make it 8!

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Let's make it 8!

As a community, we are ambitious for our boys. We continue to build on a culture that is vibrant, caring, and courageous; in its diversity, inclusiveness, and connectedness. Every boy who comes to Newington benefits from the gifts and contributions of those before him.

Without a scholarship I would not have been able to attend Newington, a school where I was valued and recognised as an individual.

- Neville Perkins OAM (ON 1969) 

Will, Jake, and Jaydon (pictured above) are three boys currently on means-tested scholarships. Together with Justin (ON 2005), they have generously shared what a scholarship means to them and their family. The support of our Newington community has provided each of them with access to all that a Newington education offers.

Donate today to support means-tested scholarships for eight boys at Newington College. Every gift matters. Let’s make it 8!

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House versus House

Each of the 16 Houses at Stanmore, the four Houses at Wyvern, and the two Houses at Lindfield will compete to raise the most funds. When you donate, your gift can be allocated towards your House of choice. It could be your son(s) House(s), your House when you were at school, your House as a staff member, or to Newington ('no House').

All Houses are doing battle to see which House wins the Headmaster's Giving Day Achievement Award of a (healthy) pizza lunch on Friday, 12 August.

Which House will you support?

Matched Givers

A big thank you to the following leading members of our Newington community who have generously agreed to match your gift to ensure maximum impact. With our combined efforts we will be able to achieve our goal of raising enough funds to support scholarship for eight boys at Newington College. Every gift matters. Let's make it 8!

Anonymous  (ON 1959)
Anonymous  (ON 1982)
Current parents (anon.)
Anonymous  (ON 1976)
Old Newingtonians Union
Stanmore P&F Association

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